12 Day Western Caribbean from New Orleans


Cruise Line
Norwegian Cruise Line
12 Days
Cruise Ship
Norwegian Getaway

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Day 1New Orleans 4:00 PM
Day 2At Sea  
Day 3Cozumel8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 4George Town10:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 5Ocho Rios8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 6At Sea  
Day 7Puerto Limon8:00 AM6:00 PM
Day 8At Sea  
Day 9Roatan10:00 AM6:00 PM
Day 10Harvest Caye8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 11Costa Maya7:00 AM2:00 PM
Day 12At Sea  
Day 13New Orleans7:00 AM 

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DateDescriptionPrice FromQuote
January 05, 2020IF - Cabin Category$1,099.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020IE - Cabin Category$1,109.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020ID - Cabin Category$1,119.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020IC - Cabin Category$1,129.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020IB - Cabin Category$1,139.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020IA - Cabin Category$1,149.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020I2 - Cabin Category$1,159.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020I1 - Cabin Category$1,169.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020OC - Cabin Category$1,499.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020OB - Cabin Category$1,509.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020OA - Cabin Category$1,529.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020T1 - Cabin Category$1,599.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020O1 - Cabin Category$1,679.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020BD - Cabin Category$1,799.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020BC - Cabin Category$1,819.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020BB - Cabin Category$1,829.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020BA - Cabin Category$1,849.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020B4 - Cabin Category$1,849.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020B3 - Cabin Category$1,859.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020B2 - Cabin Category$1,869.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020B6 - Cabin Category$1,999.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020B9 - Cabin Category$2,149.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020B1 - Cabin Category$2,199.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020MB - Cabin Category$2,199.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020MA - Cabin Category$2,229.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020M3 - Cabin Category$2,229.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020M4 - Cabin Category$2,229.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020M2 - Cabin Category$2,259.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020M6 - Cabin Category$2,379.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020M9 - Cabin Category$2,449.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020M1 - Cabin Category$3,199.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020H7 - Cabin Category$5,149.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020H9 - Cabin Category$5,149.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020H5 - Cabin Category$5,349.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020H6 - Cabin Category$5,849.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020H4 - Cabin Category$6,249.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020H3 - Cabin Category$7,999.00* (USD)Quote
January 05, 2020H2 - Cabin Category$9,899.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020IF - Cabin Category$1,149.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020IE - Cabin Category$1,159.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020ID - Cabin Category$1,169.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020IC - Cabin Category$1,179.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020IB - Cabin Category$1,189.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020IA - Cabin Category$1,199.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020I2 - Cabin Category$1,209.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020I1 - Cabin Category$1,219.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020OC - Cabin Category$1,549.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020OB - Cabin Category$1,559.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020OA - Cabin Category$1,579.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020T1 - Cabin Category$1,599.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020O1 - Cabin Category$1,729.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020BD - Cabin Category$1,849.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020BC - Cabin Category$1,869.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020BB - Cabin Category$1,879.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020BA - Cabin Category$1,899.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020B4 - Cabin Category$1,899.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020B3 - Cabin Category$1,909.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020B2 - Cabin Category$1,919.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020B6 - Cabin Category$2,049.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020B9 - Cabin Category$2,199.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020B1 - Cabin Category$2,249.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020MB - Cabin Category$2,249.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020MA - Cabin Category$2,279.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020M3 - Cabin Category$2,279.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020M4 - Cabin Category$2,279.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020M2 - Cabin Category$2,309.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020M6 - Cabin Category$2,429.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020M9 - Cabin Category$2,499.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020M1 - Cabin Category$3,249.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020H7 - Cabin Category$5,149.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020H9 - Cabin Category$5,149.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020H5 - Cabin Category$5,349.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020H6 - Cabin Category$5,849.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020H4 - Cabin Category$6,249.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020H3 - Cabin Category$7,999.00* (USD)Quote
January 26, 2020H2 - Cabin Category$9,899.00* (USD)Quote
* Fares shown are in U.S. dollars and are per person, based on double occupancy. Government taxes, fees, and fuel supplement (where applicable) are additional. NCL reserves the right to charge a fuel supplement without prior notice should the closing price of West Texas Intermediate Fuel increase above $65 per barrel on the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange Index). In the event a fuel supplement is charged, NCL will have sole discretion to apply the supplementary charge to both existing and new bookings, regardless of whether such bookings have been paid in full. Such supplementary charges are not included in the cruise fare. The fuel supplement charge will not exceed $10.00 per passenger per day. Prices are based on availability and subject to change.

Some sailings are classified as a 'Combined Itinerary'. This means that the cruise consists of two consecutive cruise segments sailed as one combined itinerary. Some entertainment options and dining room menus may be duplicated during the second segment. According to Homeland Security regulations, all guests returning to a U.S. port after the first segment of their cruise will be required to leave the ship and check in with U.S. Customs & Border Protection.