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Travel Insurance

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

When you consider how hard you have worked to earn your vacation, purchasing Travel Insurance is a small price to pay to protect its value. In fact, travel insurance typically averages just nine percent of the cost of your trip and can more than pay for itself when it comes to salvaging a vacation where canceled flights, missed cruise ships or other unexpected events occur. Travel insurance is essential for smart travelers who want the peace-of-mind knowing their financial investment is protected.

There is coverage and protection for many things that occur before and during your trip, including:

Cancel Before a Departure - or depending on your plan details you need to cancel for any reason

Trip Delay - if you miss your air, tour or cruise departure-- or even a connecting flight

Trip Interruption - if you have to leave your vacation unexpectedly

Flight Cancellation - if the airline cancels your flight

Baggage Protection - for delayed, damaged or lost luggage

Emergency Medical - accidents or an unexpected illness (your health insurance may not cover you abroad)

Our travel consultants can explain the types of coverage and help you choose the insurance package that will compensate you if your vacation happens to be not quite a dream come true. 

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