Why Use Us?

We know there are many options in the market for you to choose from when booking your travel arrangements. Here's why you should pick us!


We know the market and destinations - we've either been there, completed extensive traning or have sent hundreds there before you. We listen to what you want and match you with the best trip.

We Save You Time...And Stress!

Life is more demanding and busier than ever = your vacation time is more valuable too! There's no do-over for a vacation that goes wrong - we help you pick the perfect trip for your needs. Researching travel can be fun and exciting...but planning all the aspects to a trip can be exhausting, we know! With SO much data available today and often conflicting, decisions can be harder to come by - let us help!

Relationship - The Human Element

We work to develop a relationship with you which creates real value in the long run. We ensure you are a person, not a number to us. We are invested in your satisfaction and happiness to make sure every trip is packed full of lifelong memories.

Save Money...Or Provide Value

Often, we find ways to save your clients money or at least match the price you find all while savings you the time and effort. Plus we have access to vendor extras that will benefit you.


We have access to tools and extras with vendors that could get you added amenities, room upgrades, shipboard credits or extras that can make the difference in your trip experience.


Things go wrong, that's life! But we're here to go to bat for you and get you vacation back on track. Natural disasters, vendor system failures, illnesses - you name it, you can reach out to us and we'll work to get you moving again.

Why Burkhalter Travel?

We are the most experienced and largest agency in the area with loads of expertise to offer you the best service around. With top-notch travel consultants, we will match you with your perfect trip and you'll be off creating lifelong memories on your next adventure. Referrals are the best compliment we can receive from our clients and it's the #1 way we grow our business so we're doing something right! Give us a try!

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